Globalization and international trade have changed our consumption patterns. We buy products from far away, not eco-responsible and of average quality (we prefer price to quality).

However, there are many advantages to buying locally.

Protecting the environment

Today, many products travel thousands of kilometers before arriving in the stores. Have you thought about the carbon footprint and more generally the environmental cost? SIMPLY HUGE.

Buying locally means contributing to the protection of the environment by promoting products made near home.

Encourage local creators

Our local creators have talent, a lot of talent.

Consuming locally means encouraging young companies and their creators and thus promoting the development of the local economy.

The quality

Consuming locally means ensuring the quality of what you buy and finding the right product for you.

Would you prefer to have an Ikea lamp (present in all your friends’ homes) or a lamp made locally, in small copies, that looks like you and respects your values?