What is it?

You have probably heard about ethical consumption (also called “responsible consumption”). But what is the point of consuming responsibly, or simply, how can we consume better?

Consuming in an eco-responsible way means adopting an approach that is respectful of the environment, good for health and beneficial for the local economy.

All sectors of activity are concerned by ethical consumption.


Responsible consumption means protecting ourselves from all harmful and chemical products and ingredients in food, household products and cosmetics.

Let us preserve our planet

Consuming ethically is also preserving the planet.

By consuming environmentally friendly products, we contribute to the preservation and sustainability of the Earth. By becoming aware of the purchases we make every day and by changing our consumption patterns and habits, we will reduce the environmental impacts that can become devastating.

We firmly believe in sustainable development and in measuring the impacts that we classify into 3 categories:

– Environmental impact

– Economic impact

– Social impact.

We only select products that correspond to these values.